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Substance Use Cost Calculator for Employers

Help make the business case for improved identification and treatment of people with substance use disorders with a new resource to show the real costs of substance use to employers. This new free, online tool is a joint project of the National Safety CouncilShatterproof, and NORC at the University of Chicago

The cost calculator uses Dr. Eric Goplerud's analysis of the latest economic data and National Survey on Drug Use and Health data to compute the business costs associated with substance use in the workplace. Click here to read about the methodology describing the data sources and methods underpinning the cost calculator. 

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A link to the findings of our National Employer Survey is embedded in the press release, which you can read by clicking here.


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This cost calculator is an authoritative, easy-to-use tool providing business leaders with specific information about the cost of substance use (including prescription drug use and misuse, alcohol use and misuse, opioid and heroin addiction, as well as use of other illicit drugs and cannabis) in their workplace based on size of employee base, industry and state.

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