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Preparing the Workforce to Implement SBIRT through Training, Technical Assistance, and Evaluation

The Health Professional's Guide to SBIRT

The Health Professional’s Guide to Screening, Brief Intervention and Treatment is a 242-page skill-based training manual on SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment). This Learner's Guide brings together the tools that health professionals need to screen clients for unhealthy drinking, deliver effective brief counseling, refer and co-manage with addiction specialists for clients with serious problems and provide successful case management and follow-up. 

By studying this Learner's Guide, you will be able to use Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) to:

  • Screen  clients for unhealthy alcohol use with brief, valid questionnaires such as the AUDIT-C and the AUDIT;

  • Deliver effective brief counseling informed by Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioral techniques; 

  • Link clients to medical or specialty addiction treatment services as needed, and work with physicians and other specialists in ongoing care coordination; and 

  • Provide follow-up and recovery supports to help clients to remain productive at work.


You will also learn how to:   

  • Better understand the dynamics of the alcoholic family in order to support both the family members, as well as the  client, with alcohol-related issues;

  • Assess and treat older clients whose use of alcohol or prescription pain medications may create health and work-related problems;

  • Assess and treat young adult and adolescents whose drinking patterns are unhealthy;

  • Recognize special considerations for following SBIRT protocols with DOT-covered employees;

  • Connect clients to mutual support groups; and

  • Apply SBIRT techniques to other client concerns such as depression, anxiety disorders, drug use, medication misuse and tobacco addictions. 

Hardcopies Available - $30
Health Professionals SBIRT Learners Guide Cover
Designed for the Adult Learner

This Learner's Guide is designed for the real world.  The program uses video and audio models of client situations, role play, and feedback so that clinicians can learn and practice new skills.

  • The program has many brief, 2 to 4 minute web training videos that show both appropriate and inappropriate SBIRT techniques.  The video examples use typical client situations in which the clinician can see counselors like themselves working with clients who have alcohol and drug problems.

  • Supplementary materials such as questionnaires, practice scripts, clinical tools, research articles, and links to additional training resources are provided.

  • Appropriate for employee assistance professionals, addiction professionals, social workers, mental health counselors, professional counselors, psychologists and other helping professionals that are interested in learning about SBIRT.  

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