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Preparing the Workforce to Implement SBIRT through Training, Technical Assistance, and Evaluation

Suicide Prevention and SBIRT Resources

See below for a library of resources about suicide prevention and SBIRT:

Community Collaboration for Suicide and Overdose Prevention: Attitudes, Perceptions, and Practices of Community‑Based Professionals and County Leadership in New York State, Gallant & Harris, 2024

In their own voice: Behavioral health care delivery barriers in rural New York. Harris & Gallant, 2023

Helplines for Mental Health Support: Perspectives of New York State College Students and Implications for Promotion and Implementation of 988. Harris, 2023

Mental Health in Rural New York: Findings and Implications of a Listening Tour with Residents and Professionals. Harris, Gallant, & Mariani, 2023

Student-Athlete Mental Health, Help-Seeking, and Service Utilization: Implications for a Multi-Tiered, Public Health Approach on College Campuses, Harris & Maher, 2022

Suicide safer care in behavioral health settings: A comparative analysis of perceptions, training completion, and practice between mental health and substance use disorder treatment providers, Harris et al., 2021

Suicide as a hidden contributor to the opioid crisis and the role that primary care and emergency medicine play in addressing it, Brett R. Harris, 2021

Optimizing Efforts to Promote Mental Health on College and University Campuses: Recommendations to Facilitate Usage of Services, Resources, and Supports, Harris et al., 2022

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