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Preparing the Workforce to Implement SBIRT through Training, Technical Assistance, and Evaluation

Training of Trainers (TOT) Event Pre-Training Materials

A Training of Trainers event is designed to quickly review the key points of each section of the Adolescent SBIRT Slide Deck and provide opportunities to practice teaching the content, ask questions, and solidify their understanding of the material intended to be delivered for each slide. To focus the time spent together in a Training of Trainers event, attendees are expected to complete some pre-training assignments independently.

Read: Adolescent SBIRT Learner’s Guide


Watch: Using SBIRT to Talk to Adolescents about Substance Use Four-Part Webinar Series


Complete, if available: Adolescent SBIRT Simulations - SBI with Adolescents and SBI with Adolescents: Comorbid Substance Use and Mental Health


Rehearse: Teach-back assignments of the Adolescent SBIRT Slide Deck as assigned by event staff

(Optional) Review current statistics and other public health information on adolescent and young adult substance use and mental health, including trends relevant to the participant’s state, community, or among the youth populations they work with.  Examples of data sources:

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